Happy Trade Deadline Day!

  Less than 24 hours until the trade dealine, and while I hold to my wishes that the Giants don’t break up the bottom of their rotation, I just had a thought. The Giants need a RP and a corner OF. They’ve already been in discussions with KC recently about another OF (DeJesus). So why not re-open the communication lines and nab Jose Guillen and Kyle Farnsworth. Sure Farnsworth isn’t left handed, but at some point Affeldt and Runzler will be back. I don’t think it would cost us Sanchez or Bum, but probably 2 or 3 mid level prospects. At this point shedding pay roll is the Royals goal, and neither player fits into their long term plans. Any thoughts Giants nation???


P.S. Nice game for Lincecum tonight, let’s sweep LA!! But where was Wilson?


Let’s not make mistakes OFF the field this week

  It’s great timing that my first entry comes while the Giants are the hottest team in the league. They have gone 9-2 since the All-Star break, and most importantly, 6 and 1 in road divisional games. The recent success shouldn’t make us forget the last 2-plus seasons of mediocre offense, but it also shouldn’t totally be looked past. Posey and Huff have been great, Torres has given glimpses of what a real leadoff hitter is, and Uribe has been exactly what we thought he would be. However, less than a week before the trade deadline, the biggest acquisition the Giants can make is getting back the ’09 Pablo Sandoval. No matter what kind of second half he has, the numbers won’t touch last year’s totals, but a big second half could be THE difference between making the postseason or not. The bottom line is I hope Sabean doesn’t touch the rotation (i.e. Sanchez or Bumgarner) this week. As Giants fans, let’s enjoy the team’s great play of late and hope that this time next week the rotation is the same as it is now. Until next time…